Monday, 15 June 2009

End of Term approaches

Summer is here and the end of term approaches, I have my end of term jobs lined up and doing some, I have my holidays planned and part organised, I am looking forward to Chulmleigh Fayre and its flower show, and west country beaches in the sun. I want to wander round Orkney's historic sites, see seals and birds while sailing, and sleep in on week days! but first we must get through the 2 and a half weeks of school and then a week of work in holiday time getting my firsties in the system! We need a big wall planner just for the next 2 months of life...
Mind you Sunday was the first summer fete thing I went to of the year and it was the Caithness vintage car rally at John o Groats all afternoon, we had fun and spent ages looking for the renewables display that was supposed to be there (we didn't find it) and ate hot food and saw bikes, cars and displays, as well as many friends I haven't seen in years! Then due to Caithness summer, it rained heavier and heavier and we all ran for the car and some shelter (no coats for some of us) and spent hours getting home via the Tea Cosy in Mey, Skarfskerry, Brough, and Greenland.

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