Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mad cats and paint

My oldest son is winding the cat into a pre-bed-time frenzy, she has big black eyes and her head is moving back and forwards, side to side like a snake, and his hand will soon be ribbons.
I spent a couple of hours this evening painting a pair of kittens in my art class, after I finished a wave which got more abstract as I tweaked! I do realist not abstract but oddly it works.
I am girding my loins, so too speak, as tomorrow is sponsored walk day, a whole 3 miles if you squint! and a quiz thrown in to slow them down enough that it won't take under an hour :-D well as I am walking it will be a bit longer... I am also taking a walking stick to help when my foot is sore, and maybe to encourage slow chatty walkers...
I have just gained a lap full of semi wild cat who wants cuddles and play and isn't above climbing my curtains if I don't play. hopefully she will calm down soon! if not I shall put her out the back door and she can work her way round to the front and her cat flap, past several strays, and at least 2 other house cats territory which should bring her down.
So my end of day has been cats, real and painted, while tomorrow involves snakes, as my walking stick is 5' long snake headed hand carved, treat to myself. And snakes of children, all two by two as they walk (yeh right, sure they will) in neat lines!

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