Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sunshine and Showers

My Youngest set off with his class to an outdoor activities centre for the next few days, he didn't have all he was supposed to have packed, but I must learn to let him be responsible and any shortcomings must not be avoided. Being the 'baby' he never has to do or take responsibility for any thing, either myself, his dad or his older siblings do it for him. He didn't pack unless I read the list form school, which he only brought home after threatening he couldn't go unless I had the paper work. He didn't plan to take socks, or toothbrush! He was prepared to put his money in his trouser pocket loose, which he loses money from often! He packed first in a carrier bag! And despite all this and how annoying he gets, I am missing him already.
I organised my meeting and no one turned up, 'Sorry I forgot.' so I shall organise it again and send notes to them first! Also had to order top ups for English for the usual ASAP, at least we should get them asap.
My cat is mad, she is jumping round the house like she is on cat nip which doesn't do my frazzled nerves without my baby. She ran into a box and bounced! then she ran up my curtains, again. I treated kids to the cinema last night for night at the museum 2, which they are still raving about, next week is transformers which both boys love with out any encouragement! So my week is already laid out and soon school shall end for the summer.

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