Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday Work

Work wasnt fun with a printer fallen over, which I still haven't had a chance to sort out, and a kindly word from the 'techy' that my folder wasn't meg's but was well into gig's! spent an hour moving and deleteing, saving and sorting until the big items I have to keep are now in the coursework folder which I can keep general and open to all and the rest of the large items saved to a disc or pen and deleted! which was very good as a clear out and I shall have to back up before summer.
While dropping some stuff off to biology I bumped into George who is due to retire this summer and he was wanting homes for his wonderful and massive plants, soem are so big it will need 3 or 4 kids to move them form their current home. I cant wait until they arive in my library, I already wonder where I shall put them but I will house them, as I love plants and these are amazing specimens, some are new for me, other like old friends. I shall put up pics when they arrive.
I tried to organise a craft afternoon for any kids interested but no one at all put forwards tehir names, leaving me to cancel the main itea but I shall take my already sorted plans to the pupil support base, and enjoy an afternoon with them doing decoupage, and 3D card making.
Now I just have to hope those who were interested in the Library Council will still come to the meeting next week, mind you must put note in day sheet first.


  1. Hello, I have the honour to be first to comment! Sorry kids did not want to craft. Does that mean you don't need wool?

  2. Thanks Sharon, and yes you are first, I wont need any wool at the moment but I do hope to try this again and will be more organised for that, just have to make a note book holder for elle's new note book. She wants pink, humm must take after me :-)