Saturday, 20 June 2009

Meeting of Minds

Today was a wonderful day of peaceful chat and knitting with a side order of crochet and children...
It was the monthly meeting of the stitch and bleather group, which we had a big discussion about the name towards the end as we would like to do things that would raise us money and to treat our selves to trips and workshops, may be us to go or even getting a workshop set up for us? we can but hope and see how things go. The venue was a church hall that was nice and cozy with out being small, we had our own foods and could just sit and chat as well as do, a trifle cool but not cold, we were on the north side of a big building which meant no sun on the windows. Nice place and well worth another visit.
Heard about which sounds interesting and potentially very good but I am not sure if I am a 'maker' in their sense. But I am in and registered, if any thing comes from it I shall be pleased.
Youngest son has GF over for the night (both 11, and friends since 7 or 8) but as I didn't know she was coming until she rang the door bell! Then daughter rang to ask if she could bring her little friend (called shadow as she doesn't speak much just follows her round) for the night only to find she couldn't as we already had one extra! Hope tonight visit goes better than last one, she stayed until 11pm then felt ill and we ran her home. Mind you Daughter was round at shadows and she came home while hubby was running other one home, saying she didn't feel well so didn't want to spend the night away! I didn't understand children when I was one and I understand less now.
My brother meanwhile is going/has gone to Poland for a wedding with all his wife's family, they should have fun but I am glad I don't have to go, he doesn't like travel, his father in law hates foreign food, his mum in law organises to the nth degree esp. when the grand kids are added, his sister in law has 3 kids and is divorced (also going to the wedding) and the whole party numbers 9 and only one speaks any Polish.


  1. I am glad you have registered with craftscotland. I need to quit dragging my heels! I think it opens up possibilities for us and some of the crafts and the makers provide examples for us to grow into. SNB was a much needed relaxation for me, too.

  2. I am not sure what craft scotland want from me but I shall give it a try, I must make linda some things though just to be a 'maker'
    glad you also enjoyed the SnB, we muct find a right name for us though or some way to use this...