Friday, 5 June 2009

Sunshine and showers

Today was one of sunshine and showers, we had our walk and they all walked too fast and had moments of stupidity, but didnt go too far and did walk with good spirits. One group of girls tried both my patience and my straight face... and made my walk much shorter and more fun.
We got slightly rained on, and while it didn't damped their spirits it did quiet them down.
In the afternoon I had to clarify thing brought up at a meeting yesterday and I have been invited to mondays meeting, which should be interesting, and which the basic ethos of the library is being challenged. humm
Husband had to get daughter during day as she was unwell, and she spent the evening on the sofa and then early to bed, she so wants to have her friend over tomorrow but only if she okay.
We had tea from the Indian, which is fab, and the kids in had chips, which just shows they have no taste.
Rang an old friend and had a chat and a laugh, and a cry. So all in all today has been sunshine and showers and both have good and bad points. :-)
Well back to my Entrelac hat.

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