Saturday, 13 June 2009


Between yesterdays inset day and today's finishing day I am done in and feeling powerless...
but first a note from page a day knitting calender, SABLE (acronym): Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy, which is managing to acquire more yarn than you can possibly use up in your lifetime.I don’t think of it as a problem so much as a goal. I so agree, I have several jobs planned for this summer but I was so fired up over one project I started it already, nought the wool last week and spent evenings this week crocheting squares, Friday which I shall go into more later was spent joining the squares and then making a lining, which needed buttons to attach to squares, but had wrong sized buttons. Left job to finish today after buying new buttons, got right ones and spent today adding buttons and very carefully sewing round top to keep both together, leaving a gap for handles, which I still have to make. I bought wooden curtain rings and some thick cord which I must whip or bind on to the rings before fixing the rings into the bag top. But I am too tired to start doing that tonight.
Yesterday was not fun, woke late but was only one who had to get up, inset means no school for kids and supply staff (grrrr).
Had to go in for meeting, while going to meeting I dropped my keys down the loo and had to fish them out (clean but wet!).
Waited through 40 minute meeting for 10 Min's of info for me, but interesting to hear what teachers need to do, then after getting work to bring home got stuck in traffic coming home and took 50 minutes for a 20min drive.
Spent nice quiet day (not) with kids in and out and at lunchtime I saw a tree falling in the forest opposite, it had been brought down, but had also brought down the power cables for half the square, not me thankfully. But this was remedied by the power guys who took out all the power to fix the lines, and put up a new poll (which we had to wait on its arrival) all in all we lost power in the house at 1pm and got it back just after 5.30pm (as our Indian take out arrived) and I had to reset all the powered clocks.
Rang Mother to find she had had a fall and was all black and blue and not great, which isn't fun to hear when she is in her late 70's and I am 800 miles away! I wish I could be closer when this happens. Powerless.
Didn't get to bed until very late and was out very early as had someone coming by today and didn't know time! by the time the kids woke we had shopped, bought buttons and come home. So now it feels like a Sunday.
Tomorrow should be very restful, I hope.

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