Monday, 22 June 2009

Jungles and Expeditions

I had delivered a third of a cheese plant today, it is vast and took two to move it, I was worried about getting the whole plant but the third is okay, I shall get pictures and post them here of my library, it is full of plants and more to come. I love plants and hope to spend part of my summer looking for creatures to put in them, the big one had a small poisonous arrow frog toy and a wooden parrot (Scottish as it a McCaw) attached. I hope to find a monkey as well as other creatures and maybe make the library look better despite the peeling paint and tatty curtains (I do plan to get some material and make new ones while away) but they are at least 12 foot high and 4 foot wide.

My free time today was spent with out my knitting! I bought a book called 'no plot, no problem' which is how to write a novel in a month by the NaNoWriMo guy. I plan to try to write over the month of July, it is a bit like going to a foreign country, I don't know if I shall get it done but the plan is 50K words in 31 days, I have some ideas for a book but shall start with a fanfic story I have been half shaping and just needed the push to write. If it is readable I shall post a link, if not or if unfinished you will never hear of it again...
Tonight was a staff meeting, but I couldn't stay and feel I missed things, most often it is of no relevance to me but every so often it is good to find out what is happening. Must ask tomorrow from my link manager.

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