Saturday, 27 June 2009

Full Day

What a full day.
Spent with friends old and new, doing things I enjoy and needed to do, having fun and being free from constraints. I Can only say the best sort of days are only lightly planned, mix with friends, add good food and sunshine, shake and step back.
I woke late and arrived late to the UFO day (for unfinished objects) but it wasn't a big deal. I cut some decoupage, folded some cards and checked how many I had for a class I am running on Wednesday. I then painted a silk scarf bright yellow, and made a load of other cards with stamps on and ready to decorate. When dry I added red to the scarf and I have an amazing two tone effect I shall photo and put up somewhere. I chatted to Friends and had great ideas cross pollination sessions. after lunch I finally got to my knitting which was a teddy's jumper and some more of the entrelac hat which has become a bit of a bete noir but which I am looking forward to doing while on holiday as that was what I did it for.
After arriving home we discovered some visitors? long term squatters? crunchy treats? We have a swarm of bees making home in the roof spaces of the front windows by the bath! We have some bee keepers coming tomorrow during the day to see what can be done for them or may be how to get rid of them, we cant keep them. The crunchy treats comments was from the cat, she enjoyed running up and down the ladder and eating the ones she could catch, (if we could get her in the roof space and thought she wouldn't potentially get hurt! well she could have them...) so my busy day has only just calmed down after 9pm at night.
My mother rang yesterday, and told me the saga of her hand, she went to the hospital eventually yesterday and they found she has a broken thumb, broken wrist bone and fractures in her fingers! so is now in plaster and may be for a while. I am glad she has got it seen to but I do wish she hadn't waited nearly 2 weeks, and spent the days in between knitting and doing her normal stuff with a broken hand!
My brother who helps her (even if he has no more chance of getting her do to something she doesn't want to do is as high as mine) is away at a family wedding do in Poland with his wife's family. I have offered to go down but she seems more sorted now, I spent part of today talking to a dear lady the same age as my mum, who has her life sorted by her children, and wishes she had more Independence. It helped me understand that it is my mums call, she wants me I shall go, otherwise it is her choice, we are going down in 3 weeks.
I found this in a book and had to share it with a Friend, I shall type it here and share to those who read:-
Extracurricular forays into exuberant imperfection
lowering your unrealistically high standards for your writing can be achieved more easily if you practice it in other life domains as well. In the coming weeks, loosen your control over your life. Sing off-key in public. Tell jokes, even if you can't exactly remember the punchlines. Stop proofreading the emails you send to friends. Try your hand at something you've long thought you might like but fear you'll be bad at. You'll probably feel uncomfortable and exposed at first, but you'll also find that the world is a lot more fun when you approach it with an exuberant imperfection.
from (No Plot, No Problem, by Chris Baty pg32 ISBN9780811845052)
I plan to spend my summer in exuberant imperfection :-D join me.

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